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Sunflower Meadow Floral Dress

$67.99 $84.99

Step into a blooming meadow with our Sunflower Meadow Floral Dress.

This delightful dress showcases a vibrant yellow color adorned with a charming floral print. The playful scattered flowers evoke a sense of joy and beauty. Crafted with lightweight and breathable fabric, this dress is perfect for warm, sunny days. The flowing silhouette and adjustable waist create a flattering fit that flutters with every step.

Whether you're strolling through a garden, attending a summer event, or simply embracing your love for floral fashion, the Sunflower Meadow Floral Dress is designed to make you feel radiant and carefree. Embrace the vibrant charm and timeless elegance of this dress, and let it become your go-to choice for feminine and playful style.


Size: One Size

Length: 83 cm

Waist: 43 cm

Bust: elastic (26 cm - 37 cm)


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