Airlin Style

Solid black hue dress

$89.99 $250

This elegant dress seamlessly combines classic sophistication with contemporary flair. The top is characterized by a solid black hue, long sleeves, and a delicate button-down detail, offering a timeless look.

The skirt transitions into an eye-catching black and white pattern that adds a modern touch. Tiered ruffles provide texture and movement, ensuring the wearer will stand out in any setting. Perfect for both formal events and stylish everyday wear.

These pieces may include a blazer or suit jacket, dress pants, and a pressed blouse or shirt. You can mix and match if you do not want to wear a full business suit, such as by pairing khaki pants with a darker blazer.

Some people like to dress slightly nicer than the people with whom they are meeting, so consider checking the dress code of the office you will be visiting to conduct your meeting or pitch.

If the office follows business casual dress, slacks and a button-down shirt would be appropriate. If the office follows business dress, consider a suit.

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